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Toys for modern families

We create toys for parents, who want to play with their children in an aesthetically way and not to feel bored about play.

We produce ethical toys that will never serve a bad example for your children. We use only solid wood grown in our region and we buy it from a responsible supplier.

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Building blocks
We create meaningful toys to play and discuss important topics with kids. With our building blocks you can talk about the diversity, transience of time, importance of Mother Nature and beauty of a mothers body. And for sure you can build the most aesthetic houses, cities and landscapes.
Arch stackers
Toys for the families who bring the aesthetics in everyday life. Our stackers embrace a toy, a kid’s room decor, a tool for unlocking imagination. They are ideal for intuitive games. Stack them into different shapes, build tunnels and hills, create balancing structures, and enjoy family closeness with your kids. Made of solid wood, with a unique wooden pattern, and painted in nature-inspired colors.
Imaginative play
Open-ended toys for growing personalities and bringing imagination. You are the one creating a story here. Enjoy a tea party, walk in the forest, find answers, or pretend to be a florist… You can do any of this and more with our imaginative toys.
Our cubes are a basic toy for hedonists. They have the most beautiful colors and perfect quality. Created with meticulous attention to details, efficacy and sensory pleasure in mind. We preserve the wooden texture and remove the sharp corners from each cube, so they are nice to touch and convenient for children to build with them.
Stacking towers
Quality over quantity. The texture of the wood is as unique as human fingerprints. So that you can see and feel it, we coated our stacking towers with water-based paints. With so much electronic information around, it is great to add more tactile sensations to your life.
Rolling toys
Our rolling toys are aesthetic vehicles of unusual forms and nature-inspired colors. They are great for imaginative play, for the first movement experience and even for meaningful discussions with kids. The vehicles are lightweight and fit comfortably in little hands.

For what do you like RADUGA GRËZ TOYS?

My eyes experience the aesthetic pleasure of Raduga Grez toys. I feel an endless desire to play and interact with them, create and build new worlds and unusual constructions. These toys adorn the kids room. They are more than toys - magic, warm emotions, cozy evenings with kids and moments of happiness.


Olga Tumar

Minsk, Belarus

As with our bigger family of six, home is a place where there is mostly a lot of activity and where it can be noisy. To keep up a balance for me, serenity and tranquility are important when I choose furniture, colors and toys. The beautiful natural wood and soft colors of Raduga Grez toys are what we love in our home, and why we don’t feel the need to store them in baskets or cupboards. They are very much worth to be seen. Also, we love open ended toys very much, like Raduga Grez creates them. They are perfect to stimulate kids creativity and can be used in many different ways. What also makes them interesting for different ages.


Tessa Hop

Rotterdam, Netherlands

I think it’s maybe because of my childhood I feel so connected to the shapes and materials of Raduga Grez toys. I grew up in a forest surrounded by trees, mushrooms and fairy tales so my inner child feels more than happy while interacting with Raduga Grez toys.


Jules Villbrandt

Berlin, Germany

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