Building blocks

Mountains Building Blocks


Mountains Building Blocks

It is a piece of nature that you can take home. Feel the air, touch the wood and connect with Mother Nature. Mountain building blocks teach to dream and create, never to stop, and to look not only forward but upward, too.



Solid wood
Water-based eco-friendly paint

30х25х4 cm

Made in Russia

The parts of the constructor are made of carefully grown and slowly dried linden and coated with safe, water-based paints. When you take the piece in your hand, you will see that the texture of natural wood shows through the paint.

How to use?

- Compete in building the most unusual houses: for example, a house on a tree or a house built with limestone drawn from water, a house like a snail shell

- Build an eco-project for fairytale heroes

- Take 3 different shapes/elements from the set and say which is an odd one (or what they have in common) and why (spoiler: there is no correct answer)

- Build objects from your surroundings with the elements of the set. For example, a table, a chair, a laptop, a bench in the park, a bottle of wine

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